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  5. ok guys so theres this girl i really like and i dont know how to tell i like her or what should i tell her. idk how to describe her but shes the nicest girl ive ever met she cares bout me helps me with schoolwork homework and lots of other stuff idk if yall can tell me what to do or sum ( english is not my native language so im sorry if its trash ). :/

  6. who is she?

  7. Who’s excited for rise of iron?

  8. What’s so funny about asking for consent?

  9. How do you know? I mean, it’s highly unlikely. But that with every "1st" anything in the smut game.

  10. Great video, however, more interestingly, did you know… the first king of Rome was called Romulus, the first Emperor of Rome was called Augustus and the last king of Rome (the Western Roman Empire as it was then known) was called Romulus Augustus!

  11. Oooh goodie! x

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